Film Work      Jabba the Hutt

                                                 Animatronics & Costume

The eyes of Jabba the Hutt

For Stuart Freeborn

Jabba eyes 01 Jabba eyes 02

Jabba eyes 03 Jabba eyes 04

Sculpts & colour by John Coppinger. Mechanism & radio by Jez Harris & Bob Keen.

  Eye colour drawing                   Alternative eye colour

Colour sketches shown to George Lucas & Norman Reynolds for discussion & selection.



The Diva         The Diva

The Diva sings


I sculpted the Diva costume elements for Nick Dudman in 1996.
The sculpt is based on a life-cast of Ma´wenn Le Besco, who was
exceptional in her dedication and in her performance for the film.


Diva sculpt 01 Diva sculpt 02
Sculpt in progress


Diva Costume Diva Costume

Costume by Vin Burnham and her team - First full fitting at Pinewood Studios.

( All images of the Diva on set are courtesy of The Diva Suite )


Visit The Diva Suite from this image

Go to The Diva Suite



Baby Elephant for 'Little Buddha'

For Richard Conway

Baby Elephant Baby Elephant

Sculpt by John Coppinger & Jeremy Hunt. Elephant performed by Ailsa Berk.

Animatronics & harness by Ian Whittacker, Terry Bridle & John Coppinger.



Walking ant rig for Volkswagen TV Advert

For Bob Hollow

Ant 01 Ant 02

Ant 03 Ant 04

Sculpts & Design by John Coppinger. Mechanism & Moulds by Rick Marr & William Lane.


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