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  Photo - Jan Smith

Tertiary Cover
  Cover - Life Form Design

'Tertiary' the Novel


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'The Arianne Stories'


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This site is my 'Archive' - Developed since 1999.
So no apologies for its quirky and old-fashioned
style in places. For more up to date experiences

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       1. Sculpture  - My designs;  Ball Creatures and Mythical Creatures
       2. Work Together  - Nicole's page, and joint art / work projects
  3. Life Form  - Star Wars, Film work, Museum work and my CV
4. Word Form  - Essays, stories, ideas, poetry and 'Tertiary' chapt.1
5. Art Form  - Playing around in PhotoShop for fun and for this site
6. Shock WaveForm  - Thrust SSC ( SuperSonic Car ) and Steam!
7. Links  - My favourite Software and Art and various other links 

Site designed @ 800 x 600 screen


But first - - -Sculpture

Section One


bar82.gif (7575 bytes)
bar82.gif (7575 bytes)

This is the first of seven Ball Creature - Spherae sculptures.
They are all based on a 4"sphere so will sit in the palm of a hand.
They're tactile as well as visual. Six more on the Sculpture page.

Ball Creature - Spherae No.1      Link to Order Page - for details and prices  Ball Creature - Spherae No.1
For Ball Creatures & other work by John Coppinger

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Section Two


Work Together

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Life Form Drawing - Thanks to Nicole Klein 

 See Nicole's make-up designs here      Bronze Works sculpture 

 Our Work Together page is here        Bronze Works sculpture 

The Knights of St.Albans
Axel Loh's epic film project
JC as Armand de Lion
Make-up by Nicole


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Section Three


Life Form banner (small) - 14k
  Banner - Thanks to Johnny Jagwani
Life Form  -  John Coppinger

I work as a freelance sculptor and designer, mostly for films and museums ( See Museum work, CV, and Film
work pages below ).  I'll be adding more information as time goes by, and trying to keep all the pages dynamic.
The central theme of this site is the anatomy and design of life in all it's forms, both on this planet now and in
the past and as it may exist elsewhere.  Also the realms of our Monsters and where I think they come from.
a Monsters Essay, below - From an idea by Mike Tremblay:

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Life gives us consciousness, and the Universe becomes aware of itself.
Thanks for visiting - Stay a while,

J C shaking hands with Jabba
Big picture and colour artwork from link below.

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 More Film Pages

Dark Crystal Landscape            Dark Crystal Swamp           Santa Claus' Reindeer
Landscape                     The Swamp                     Reindeer


Convention Appearances

 Memories on the Conventions page      ArtWork page

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Section Four

feather.gif (1878 bytes)
Word Form
feather.gif (1878 bytes)

New Novel Published


They've always been here and they're just as confused as we are.

The adventures of a disparate group of characters, the alien
interaction they experience and the promises of
 some strange, other worlds.

Archive Cover
Cover - Life Form Design

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" 339 pages full of suspense, managed to hook me for
three nights in a row; not only was the story tight,
not only was it well-paced, but, in the end, it
was believable as a possible past! " 
Universe Pathways magazine.

Tertiary Cover
Cover - Life Form Design


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'Tertiary' on

'The Arianne Stories'

The Arianne Stories chronicle events
from a near future to several hundred
years ahead. They follow the life and
friends of Arianne as she explores our
changing world and the solar system.
Journey with her as she experiences
an evolution of humanity, and strange
entities we will create and discover - -

Cover - Life Form Design


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'Arianne' on

         Early poems    Early poetry     New poems     Early poetry

         Love poems    Love     War  poems    War

         Future Technology page        Future Technology essays page

         Rolling notes & ideas page     Rolling note & ideas page


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Section Five

Art Form


Fun with Photoshop and filters

JC face composite - Heading for Artwork page

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Section Six

Shock WaveForm


Thrust SSC - SuperSonic Car

Thrust SSC - SuperSonic Car on Black Rock desert
SuperSonic Car on the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA - October 1997. Trego Mountain beyond.
[Picture - John Coppinger]

Richard Noble with SSC + Link to his site
Richard Noble

This page is a Photo-Diary of six weeks on the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The whole project was genuinely
extra-ordinary , and I'm still amazed at how lucky I was to be involved with it. Richard Noble, the team he put
together, the car itself and Andy Green driving it, all expressed the true and best meaning of 'Best of British'.

   Go to Thrust SSC page         Thrust SSC page 

Go to Thrust SSC WebSite


The British Steam Car Challenge

Go to British Steam Car Challenge WebSite
(c) 1999-2004, British Steam Car Challenge

"The challenge is there - we aim to succeed"



Bloodhound SSC

This is Richard Nobles' new project - Bloodhound SSC
A car designed to run at 1000 miles per hour  - - - !
Check out the new site for more information.
Click on the logo below to go there

Go to the Bloodhound SSC site


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Section Seven

Form Links


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Nicole took the picture of me  - And I thought I'd let my Mum and Dad have a look at you from the sixties!

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